How do you retain a data scientist?

How do you retain a data scientist?
Posting date:06 Nov 2018

One of the biggest challenges faced by our senior tech network is how to retain data scientists. We have just published a white paper focused on reverse-mentoring which explores how pairing younger employees with more senior staff can help solve this very problem.

We exclusively interviewed a Technology Strategist and Business Development Manager at Microsoft who states that without the reverse-mentoring programme, he wouldn’t have stayed for five years.

He said: “It’s a great way to keep millennials in one company and understand what they need. Millennials can often glorify the idea of becoming a leader but not understand what it means – this was a learning experience. It’s hard to retain millennials but only if you focus on the wrong things. Better salaries, better social options and enjoying the company are all huge benefits but they are also tools used to attract talent, not to retain employees.”

For access to the whole interview in our reverse-mentoring white paper, follow the link below and join the conversation – How do you retain a data scientist?