How can you automate supply chain?

How can you automate supply chain?
Posting date:05 Dec 2018

Digitalisation at its finest can be defined as the process in which digital technologies are used to produce ground-breaking results and innovations. We think to the start-ups who have monopolised every marketplace without having a physical presence and the app technology which makes the world readily available at the touch of a button; or rather, fingertip.

Digitalisation can achieve incredible things that the human mind never thought possible but while we have seen exceptional results from digital transformation, it’s also all about making basic things work better.

Supply chain is one area that can be drastically improved through automation.

Virtual Assistants, Cargo Sensors, Smart Warehouses, Drone Deliveries and Automated Purchasing Agents are all ways in which you can transform your supply chain making it more efficient in a digital world. 

They aren’t just things that would move your organisation forward but things your customers have come to expect. Chat-bots are expected to answer simple requests, drones can deliver goods in under 30 minutes spurring the social desire for instant deliveries and automated agents can provide an on-the-spot quotation to customers saving hours of research.

Automation is no longer a nice-to-have offering but a necessity of a company wanting to thrive in the modern world and the five simple examples above provides a great place to start.

I’d like to hear from you. How does your organisation automate supply chain?

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