Ever feel like your voice isn't being heard at work?

Ever feel like your voice isn't being heard at work?
Posting date:18 Dec 2018

Millennials are quite possibly the most misunderstood demographic within the workforce – in two years’ time they will be the majority begging the question - how do we integrate them into an organisation made up of older existing employees and how do we allow both groups to learn from each other?

The answer; reverse-mentoring. At Stanton House we are passionate about solving people’s problems and that includes millennials. We surveyed our network of young professionals and found that the most important thing for them in business was not salary but the ability to make an impact, be involved in decision-making and have their voice heard.

We believe reverse-mentoring to be a simple solution. By pairing a junior and senior employee together, the older person is able to adopt a whole new digital skill-set and learn the importance of utilising platforms like LinkedIn for their own personal development. On the reverse, young mentors are able to gain access to leadership, have their voice heard as the leaders of digitalisation and have an impact in workplace change.

Young mentors can make the best mentors and we discuss the advantages of using reverse-mentoring in our white paper which explores the tools ability to improve intergenerational, racial, gender and hierarchical diversity in the workplace.

We exclusively interview Microsoft, BNP Paribas and EY who employ reverse-mentoring schemes in a bid to up-skill their existing workforce while engaging their youngest.

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