Two days, two venues, one purpose

Two days, two venues, one purpose
Posting date:03 Dec 2018

Two days, two great venues, two world-class panels, two passionate groups of HR leaders, one inspirational purpose - to discuss how reverse-mentoring can promote diversity and inclusivity in your business. 

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the horizon and technological developments such as AI remaining misunderstood by the majority of the workforce, companies are already ramping up their intergenerational mentoring schemes but the two biggest questions remain; are organisations doing it effectively and why has reverse-mentoring become so focused on technology?

We explored both of these questions at our Reverse-Mentoring event last week as we discussed how mentoring can break down internal barriers, diversify your talent pool and support your commercial objectives in the process. 

If you missed the event but would like a copy of our 28-page white paper download it here.