Is your workplace due a transformation in 2019?

Is your workplace due a transformation in 2019?
Posting date:17 Dec 2018

With the last working week of the year in full swing, many HR professionals are already looking ahead to 2019.

With an emphasis on transforming workplace culture, improving diversity and retaining millennial talent – my network are busy planning their transformation projects for 2019 ensuring the New Year brings with it a new lease of life for their organisations. 

To help with this, I have been speaking to my network about reverse-mentoring and its ability to transform a workplace - How it can help you to improve racial, intergenerational, hierarchical and gender diversity; retain millennial talent, broaden your demographic, engage a new generation and up-skill an existing workforce.

I have emphasised that reverse-mentoring can transform your workplace entirely and it doesn’t cost a thing. 

I helped to create a white paper focused on reverse-mentoring and launched with two events for my HR community discussing this very topic - I have already started receiving updates from my network on how they plan to introduce reverse-mentoring in 2019 with some already reaping the rewards. I would love our white paper to assist you in making the same changes to transform your workplace in the New Year.

Download a copy of the white paper or  please get in touch and join the conversation - Is your workplace due a transformation in 2019?