Who is the ideal CISO and is their route to c-suite changing?

Who is the ideal CISO and is their route to c-suite changing?
Posting date:09 Jan 2019

The CISO has been around for more than a decade but with Cyber becoming as mainstream as Finance and HR, has the role evolved with the times and are we being more selective with who we let take to the throne?

The profile of the CISO has been elevated in an age of high-profile cyber-attacks and they are now expected to do more than just analyse the potential security risks for the company or wear a uniquely technical hat. 

CISOs are now expected to address the board and have a relationship with the CEO, discuss whole business issues, be personable, approachable and an all-round communicator but with a new level of sophistication and a heap of responsibility, are we narrowing down the profile of the ideal CISO?

I have been speaking to my network about their ideal CISO and the education, career journey and social behaviour they bring to the table but I’d like to hear from you and see if you too have an idea of the perfect CISO and if their route to c-suite has been altered along the way.

Is the route to CISO changing? Please spare 60-seconds to take my anonymous survey. All results will be published within an insight paper focused on the changing role of the CISO.