Do you use CRM to track your competition?

Do you use CRM to track your competition?
Posting date:13 Feb 2019

Who benefits from effective Customer Relationship Management software?

The clue’s in the title, right? You’re half-way there.

A good CRM can monitor your interaction with customers and help you to grasp an understanding of their key contacts and activity while providing solutions to their problems. 

But; while helping to maintain and improve customer relationships, CRM brings another huge benefit to the table and it’s got everything to do with your competition. 

CRM allows you to track your competitors in the same way that you can monitor your customers. You can create competitive intelligence and develop an action plan of how to combat lost deals but very few organisations are doing this.

I’d like to hear from the organisations utilising their CRM to the good of their competition and those of you not sure of where to begin.

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