Is career diversity an impossible hurdle for finance professionals?

Is career diversity an impossible hurdle for finance professionals?
Posting date:14 Feb 2019

How many times have you been politely turned down for a role you would be perfect for due to a lack of industry sector experience? 

I would imagine the answer is at least once.

I see the same challenge occurring daily with the most talented of Accounting and Finance professionals being pit to the post by a person with more relevant experience but how necessary is it and is career diversity more valuable?

The requirement of relevant sector experience is an impossible hurdle to climb over for most and questions the transferability of a finance qualification but while it's not an easy task, I urge any professional in my network to go out and find career diversity as a monumental tool in helping you to develop as a leader of finance.

It can broaden your portfolio of skills and contacts while giving yourself a chance to explore and enjoy new industries and at the same time, I urge organisations to look past relevant experience and focus on the incredible skill sets of the people you interview.

If you are a finance professional seeking diversity in your career I would advise you to do the following things:

1) Map out the environment you want to work within and consider the culture, size of team and management structure rather than pigeonholing yourself into one industry.

2) Be sector-agnostic and open-minded and use us recruitment consultants to match your preferences with the best business. 

3) Brand yourself and your CV by highlighting your skill set; not your history, and work with the people who take the time to listen and understand your strengths.

You must have confidence in your own ability and ensure that whilst you may not have all the answers, you have connected with the business and have intelligent questions to pose - leaving any hiring manager with the confidence and faith that you can learn quickly and thrive in a new environment.

I have just finished writing an insight paper which explores the benefits of career diversity and in the paper, I speak to the organisations clinging onto sector experience and present the stories of three people who prove it's a thing of the past. 

To receive a copy of my paper please get in touch and in the meantime - I would love to hear from any Interim professionals in my network seeking a journey of career diversity.

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