What does the future of CRM hold?

What does the future of CRM hold?
Posting date:07 Feb 2019

“The future of CRM is more than just the future of Customer Relationship Management software. It is really the future of business.”

For decades organisations have relied on their CRM systems to track customer data from their contact details to likes, dislikes and browsing trends but while the likes of Salesforce and Zendesk have tracked our every spoken or written word from the late 1980s, CRM is currently colliding with Artificial Intelligence to take our customer relationships to an entirely new level.

The evolution of CRM will see our Marketing, Sales and Customer Support functions aligned to meet the overall business objective, mass personalisation will become easier with our forever-growing data collection and prices will decrease making it even simpler to switch providers.

Perhaps most interestingly, CRM will no longer simply monitor the customer experience - it will provide insight on the customer mind, what motivates them and what pushes them over the line from prospective client to customer. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science will be used to tell you who your most valuable customers are, what they need from you and why you need them the most and it seems the future is already upon us.

I'm keen to speak to companies undergoing a CRM transformation to find out what you are hoping to achieve from your new and improved Customer Relationship Management programme. 

Get in touch - What do you think the future of CRM will bring?