How to combat unconscious bias in the hiring process - without AI

Posting date:13 Mar 2019

Almost every day in the HR bubble we hear of ways in which artificial intelligence is combating our own unconscious bias in the hiring process.

Be it through omitting names from CVs or helping us to write an inclusive job advert, AI is helping to dramatically reduce bias from the screening process but as a group of people – what can we do to ensure mobility in the hiring process?

A simple solution is to rid traditional recruitment methods of seeking relevant sector experience and instead, focus on finding someone with a diverse career history. This allows you to focus on a person’s capabilities, skills and behaviour rather than looking at a rigid criterion for their education, sector experience and skill-set. 

To support our claim, we have created an insight paper focused on the benefits of career diversity and interview three thought-leaders to help you conquer unconscious bias in the hiring process - offering the perspective of the candidate, the hiring manager and the HR professional.

In our paper, we explore career diversity a vital element of diversity and a huge benefit to your organisation and argue that by ridding the traditional method of searching for relevant sector experience, you can reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process.

To receive a copy of the paper, please follow the link below and in the meantime, join the conversation - how do you think career diversity can combat unconscious bias in the hiring process? 

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