Is Reverse-Mentoring about to change the culture of Hong Kong?

Is Reverse-Mentoring about to change the culture of Hong Kong?
Posting date:19 Mar 2019

Hong Kong offers a dynamic way of life not comparable to anywhere else in the world. 

It is vibrant, fast-paced and culturally diverse but with an array of professionals finding their way into the heart of Hong Kong everyday - how do we encourage inclusivity and acceptance?

The ethnic make-up of Hong Kong varies wildly and according to 2016 census Report, includes 35,069 Brits and 15,749 Americans.

With so many different cultures congregating in the workplace it is vital organisations invest their time into improving their culture and it seems there’s a quick solution that can bring with it a range of commercial benefits.

Reverse-Mentoring sees the traditional mentoring relationship turned on its head. It can take many forms but often has a junior employee mentoring their senior, a female professional mentoring a male superior or ethnic minorities mentor their non-minority peers, all in a bid to educate the workforce and improve diversity at every level.

This initiative offers a low-cost, hands-on approach to transforming your workplace and while diversifying your current and future talent pools can help you to retain millennial talent, up-skill an existing generation of employees and support your commercial benefits.

It requires little other than top-down sponsorship and an investment of time and brings all of your employees together regardless of their culture, age or experience.

We have recently produced a white paper exploring the benefits of Reverse-Mentoring which will guide you through the process and offer insight, opinion and thought-leadership from organisations such as EY and Microsoft Asia who have mastered the scheme. 

To receive a copy of the paper please do get in touch and in the meantime, join the conversation – do you think Reverse-Mentoring could change the culture of Hong Kong?