Are we taking Cyber Security seriously?

Are we taking Cyber Security seriously?
Posting date:17 Apr 2019

The role of the CISO has been elevated with an influx of high-profile data breaches and an increased consciousness over the protection of data but how much do we truly understand about the role of the Chief Information Security Officer and how seriously do smaller companies take their Cyber Security?

The introduction of GDPR, the spree of resignations from high-profile CEOs and the trillions of pounds lost to the British economy has created a global awareness for online security but while many have turned to an outsourcing as a responsive measure, the majority of companies are failing to act defensively by neglecting their internal workforce and the detrimental impact they can have.

In a new white paper we present the importance of security education and explore what roles both Human Resources and Security teams can play in counteracting the human-element. We interview exceptional security professionals who have ventured into the Cyber world from completely different career paths and discuss what the future holds for both CISOs and their workforce.

To request a copy, please get in touch, and in the meantime join the conversation - do you take Cyber Security seriously?