Is HANA experience necessary?

Posting date:15 May 2019

As organisations move to HANA in a bid to improve operational efficiency, cut costs and enhance performance, I am asking if our talent pool is moving in the same direction.

With small companies and specialist technology firms moving from ECC to HANA, we are getting more and more requests from our network for skilled professionals with HANA experience – but, with the cloud technology being a new phenomenon, how can we expect everyone to be ahead of the trend?

I am wondering if experience with HANA is all that necessary and you can't get the experience without working on a HANA project and it seems you can’t work on a project without the experience – it’s a catch 22 that is costing the industry.

With larger companies stepping back and waiting for smaller firms to pilot the idea, I can’t help but wonder how successful the first wave of implementations are when we take a closed-minded approach to hiring. 

Is it time to stop looking for experts in HANA and start thinking about re-skilling our existing workforce in how to use this new and exciting enterprise cloud technology?