Mental Health Wellbeing – where do you begin?

Posting date:21 Jun 2019

Mental Health is a vital topic that is dominating almost every conversation in the workplace but while it is finally being given the attention it deserves; it can be extremely overwhelming.

In the last few months my eyes have been opened to the incredible training courses, mindfulness initiatives and creative ideas being implemented by organisations across every industry to improve the Mental Wellbeing of their workforce. But, as I embark on creating a Wellbeing Programme of our own at Stanton House, I can’t help but question the lack of guidance on where to begin.

It seems a lot of the opinion available online is tailored to individual readers and not organisations which makes it very difficult to implement a company-wide programme that will help improve the wellbeing of several dozen individuals, not just your own.

With Mental Health already a widely misunderstood topic, I can’t help but wonder why we aren’t making it easier for people to understand.

I’m really keen to hear from you to see what Mental Wellbeing initiatives you have implemented or seen implemented at work and how you make them relevant to your business. 

Please do get in touch with your ideas and join the conversation – Mental Health Wellbeing: Where do you begin?