Customer Experience is important but the Employee Experience is vital

Posting date:21 Aug 2019

A recent study by American talent company, OC Tanner, revealed that 83% of HR leaders are focusing on ‘Employee Experience’ as a priority and if that’s not enough for size, former Head of Employee Experience at Airbnb, Mark Levy, said: “Anything that sets employees up for success or improves our culture should be part of the employee experience.”

Employee Experience is a new phenomenon that’s gaining pace in the HR space and beyond and it’s less focused on reward and more concentrated on the three pillars of technology, culture and physical presence.

With today’s workforce committed to environmental and social governance, fascinated by the latest technology and overtaken by the desire to live a balanced professional and private life – organisations really need to do more to keep them. 

Employee Experience allows businesses to retain their existing talent pool and reach out to an entire new pool of prospective talent, intrigued by the lifestyle they have on offer.

I had a meeting with an Interim HR Director in my network just last week and she said it’s the little things that carry the most weight.

She was not only impressed by the on-boarding at her new FTSE 250 but touched by the time invested in her welcome. As a contractor, she has become quite accustomed to a phone and laptop handed to her on day one with the expectation that she finds the rest out for herself. Her new company took the time to introduce her to teams and stakeholders, offer a tour and even gave directions to the important things like the kettle that often get forgotten. As a result, she has a sense of loyalty that she never had before.

For me, it all starts with the interview. How engaged are you in your prospective talent and what makes that initial experience a little more than ordinary? I think often we can forget the weight that a first impression can carry. That and the loyalty it can create if conducted correctly.

I also believe this to be a simple solution to your talent retention concerns. Employee Experience professionals do not have to be Permanent but rather, an Interim HR professional is capable if not best suited for the role - able to bring a fresh perspective, introduce an entirely new employee experience and integrate a new way of working into your business – all in a very short period of time.

I’d love to hear from you. Are you an HR professional focused on Employee Experience or are you an organisation looking for someone who is? How vital do you think Employee Experience is and how long until we all have someone looking after it?

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