Is technology saving the life of healthcare?

Posting date:29 Aug 2019

Before embarking on a career in technology I completed a degree in Medical Science and have been fascinated by the evolution of the healthcare industry ever since. Now it seems the two worlds are colliding and it’s making my role truly exciting.

Technology is revolutionising a once bureaucratic industry with the likes of online prescriptions, virtual doctors and personalised healthcare making our life-admin slightly bearable but what has amazed me the most, is the sheer amount of healthcare focused technology organisations being founded in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has always been a hub for technical talent but now there appears to be a huge market for digital healthcare and when you think about it, it’s already taking over our everyday lives.

We no longer need to spend hours on hold to a receptionist in a doctors surgery who may or may not offer a time slot in the near future for a pre-appointment check, before spending several more weeks waiting for a referral and, if you’re lucky, a prescription. 

This archaic practice has now been replaced by home-kits, wearable devices to track patients in real time, online apps with qualified professionals and tonnes of online prescription services. This is making mundane life-admin bearable, fast and economic and it’s truly fascinating for professionals like me working in industries that contain elements of both.

I’d love to hear from you – has technology taken over your relationship with health?

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