What does the future hold and how is it going to affect us?

Posting date:12 Aug 2019

For an industry that deals with implementing change, we’ve had to put up with a lot of it. 

From GDPR and Brexit to the impeding effects of IR35, the way we do business has had to change and as a result, the leadership mindset has shifted too.

With key changes sending shock-waves through the industry, we have seen an array of cost-cutting initiatives introduced, including the use of external consultants to alleviate a heavy dependence on Big 4 consultancies.

But, the initiatives introduced to save money have had an adverse effect and it has nothing to do with finances.

The success of Cultural and Digital Transformations have joined cost-cutting and FTE reduction at the top table of priorities in terms of measuring the success of a Finance Transformation programme. 

The very ideas brought in to save money have put money at the very bottom of the priority list with sights being set firmly upon culture and an awakening taking place amongst leadership to how important it really is.

A good culture along with happy staff have become pivotal as there has been a shift in focus from quick solutions, money slashing initiatives or reducing headcount and the affects are being seen by everyone.

But, what does the future hold? Please get in touch with your opinions on the future of Finance Transformation and how you think it might affect us.

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