My Stanton House Story: Fergus Hardy
Posting date:21 Oct 2020


To celebrate Stanton House’s ten-year anniversary we have profiled the unique journeys of some of our employees. Every one of their personal successes is an accomplishment for our whole business and we want to celebrate these. The My Stanton House Story blog series looks at what they’ve learned, why they love what they do and how they have progressed their careers. 

Why I moved to Hong Kong with Stanton House and never looked back 

Prior to joining Stanton House in 2016, I worked for a Boutique Financial Services search firm in London, where my focus was on global FIG Investment Banking and Private Equity mandates. I had completed FIG Banking hires in Hong Kong which had given me an appreciation of the market.

At the time, I had university friends who lived and worked in Hong Kong. They had always spoken so highly about the place and told me that if I were ever given the opportunity to work there - I should grab it! 

I was fortunate enough to have been introduced by my school friend Henry Yeomans (our current US Vice President) to Nick Eaves (Co-Founder) and Dave Fleming (Managing Director) to explore the potential for me to work for Stanton House in Hong Kong.

I quickly knew it was what I wanted and was excited to be given the opportunity to develop our Asset Management offering across Asia Pacific. 

Laying the foundations for success

Before moving my life to Hong Kong, I worked in our London office for six months. This was invaluable time which I used to build internal relationships, hone my processes and map the Asset Management market in Hong Kong. 

By the time it came for relocation I had a good sense of who the firms were in this space and the roles I wanted to focus on. Having a clear conviction in the plan I had gave me the confidence I needed to really make the best of the opportunity ahead of me.

I appreciate more than anything else the maturity within the company. I have been afforded a lot of responsibility and autonomy to follow a plan. This has been supported by the wider business (and for the most part) has brought success.

Gaining new experiences & expertise 

There can be no doubt, that starting a new desk from scratch, moving to the other side of the world and becoming a top performer within two years is no easy feat! Along the way, I have gained so much experience and significantly increased by specialism and local market knowledge.

The area I work in is highly specialised, as such, I work get to with clients and candidates across multiple countries, including Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Each market with its own cultural nuances, practices within business and market trends which I have become an expert in.

Living in Hong Kong or Singapore you really do feel as if you are part of the growth engine of the global economy. In four years, I have seen a huge number of firms set up in Asia – all of them looking to capitalise on the region’s growth.

I had little exposure to global Asset Management employers before joining - but now I have an incredibly strong network and client base which I intend to stay close to for the foreseeable future. On a day-today basis I have conversations with really engaging, interesting and smart people. They generally are all very passionate about their careers and development and that rubs off on me! 

Learning & developing new skills  

My personal skills are always in development, but I would hope that as a Manager, I have now learnt how to get the best out of others and am no longer purely invested in my own individual performance. Working with a group of consultants who improve month by month or year by year is incredibly rewarding. It is a great feeling to see team members engage more with their customers and ultimately become trusted partners. 

Learning and Development is a fundamental reason as to why this business has and will continue to succeed. Having a dedicated resource for training is one step but when the resource is invested in everyone’s growth within the business it has a massive effect on performance and the identity of the company. The amount of time and effort which goes in to help consultants hit high performance gives us a massive competitive advantage in our marketplaces. 

Directors, Managers and Consultants alike – we are all afforded great career development here and are provided with constant resource towards improvement, coaching and development plans. 

Facing new challenges 

The global pandemic has been the greatest challenge since moving here. Understandably hiring freezes took hold and we have had to ensure that we continue to add value to our customers during difficult times. We are doing this by helping our customers to reassess and reset their strategic goals - aligning them with the right talent and skills to help them transform and grow.

We have a culture here of being obsessed with the customer experience. It is about winning but winning in the right way and building long-term relationships that can weather the storm that is Covid-19. 

We have all had to adapt to working from home and meeting with customers on video calls. This has not detracted from our objectives or performance and in fact, somehow, we feel more connected to colleagues in other countries. There is a real sense that we are pulling together as one during this time. 

Relocation on the cards once more!

The opportunity to move to Hong Kong with Stanton House is one I will be forever grateful for. After four years I have progressed from a Senior Consultant through to being a Manager - where I now look after the entire Investment Management offering for Asia Pacific. 

The experience has helped me to develop both personally and professionally, but my story of international travel does not stop there. This month, I will be relocating from Hong Kong to Singapore to help grow our presence across the country. 

I am excited for my new adventure in Singapore to begin!

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