Corona proof HR expertise

Corona proof HR expertise
Posting date:30 Mar 2020

Employers must be agile in these unprecedented times, but remain forward looking to meet business growth objectives

Technological acceleration, economic challenges and most recently the global impact of Covid-19 contributes to a constantly changing business landscape. It seems like a tiresome narrative by now, but organisations must continuously evolve, remain adaptable to market (or pandemic) conditions and ‘pivot’ organisational structures to accommodate disruptive technology change – all whilst being highly responsive to a demanding customer.

In this ever-changing landscape, People functions are being asked to ‘move the dial’ on multiple fronts – starting with a People Strategy that underpins the strategic business objectives of the organisation. That itself can manifest in multiple different ways, as there is no such thing as one size fits all.

However, there are key strategic HR priorities that will still be a focus for forward-thinking organisations, even in these unprecedented times.

HR priorities organisations will need to tackle decisively:

  1.  HR Data: Effectively managing HR/People data and leveraging insights 
  2.  People Operations: Getting the basics of HR Operations and Joiners-Movers-Leavers processes correct, using it as a launching pad for a ‘heightened’ employee experience, integration with the payroll function and the future use of automation and AI
  3.  Culture: Establishing an ‘anti-fragile’ culture that embraces change with all People-related functions, focused on solving business challenges through a ‘people-lens’
  4.  Diversity & Inclusion: Expanding the ‘human’ focus and engagement across the employee population by driving Inclusion, Diversity and ongoing employee engagement initiatives

Top 10, most in demand HR jobs:

Forward looking organisations, are looking to hire:

  1.  HR Data, MI & Analytics Manager
  2.  Head of HR Systems, Data & Insights
  3.  Director/Head of People Operations
  4.  Director/Head of Employee Experience
  5.  HR Services Delivery optimisation Consultant
  6.  Culture Change Director
  7.  Learning Transformation Director
  8.  Head of Diversity & Inclusion
  9.  Chief Inclusion Officer
  10.  Head of Wellbeing 

Please get in touch if you need help hiring across any of these areas. Equally if you are a permanent or interim HR professional with experience in any of these high demand areas, we are here to support your job search in these troubled times.

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