Hiring in this new world of work – can it be done?

Hiring in this new world of work
Posting date:03 Apr 2020

Social and travel restrictions as a result of Covid-19 are likely to last for some months. Although you and your workforce may now be working remotely, you still have critical projects to deliver, systems and processes to adapt and transform, new communications to get out to your customers and skills gaps to address. But hiring new staff amidst the pandemic is somewhat of a mental hurdle.

How do you interview, select and onboard new team members when you and the rest of the team have never met them in person? Here are some key considerations…

Change your mindset

Hiring in this climate can absolutely be done, we have the technology and expertise, it’s about changing your mindset. This is a new challenge for all of us but don’t let it stop you in your tracks. Start-ups and organisations with international operations have been successfully hiring and on-boarding staff remotely for many years.

Now more than ever, is a time when employers should be looking at the skills of their current and future workforce, to ensure business continuity and capitalise on new opportunities as they arise.

Don’t forget about your long-term goals

You will be making changes to your hiring right now which is a sensible response to the current situation. But remember that skills shortages are still very real, and you will need the same and perhaps new expertise to re-build and grow once the Covid-19 crisis is over. 

These challenging times present an opportunity for you to build networks and meet fantastic people (virtually), solidify plans for the year ahead and ensure you are ready to move quickly once any freezes or immobility gets lifted. 

Make strategic hires now

If you have found a fantastic candidate with highly sought after expertise, but need immediate help with tasks that weren’t on the initial job description discussed with them, it may be worth testing the waters to see if they will flex their focus in the short-term and make them an offer now. 

Please get in touch for hiring advice in these turbulent times. We are here to support our customers and can help with workforce planning and strategic hiring.