Is there light at the end of the jobs market tunnel for grads?

Is there light at the end of the jobs market tunnel for grads?
Posting date:10 May 2021

2020 was undoubtedly the worst year ever to be a student. This year, the UK press continues to report, almost daily, about the on-going challenges graduates face and how they will struggle to find a job in the post-covid jobs market.

Indeed, the latest UK monthly unemployment figures show young people and graduates have been hardest hit by the economic fallout from the pandemic. Figures show, more than half of the people who lost their employment, were under 25. They represent a group that is not protected by the furlough scheme and over the last year, it would seem, many have found themselves falling through a gap, unable to get onto a graduate scheme or secure an internship.

However, experts now say that the UK is poised for an economic revival this summer and I would like to report a different story, one in line with the predicted revival; One of hope for the graduates of 2021.

New hope for the class of 2021

Companies are starting to hire again. We are one of them!

We are a great business; we offer people incredible opportunities, and we never struggle to hire the people we want to hire - until now.

Over recent weeks, we have met some amazing 'soon to be' graduates (you know who you are!). These highly talented individuals with so much to offer the world, are in huge demand. Each one of these great people has received multiple job offers. Companies are even making offers over the weekend to secure them and in short – they are being snapped up! 

Of course, there will continue to be rigour around the interview process. 2021 Grads, you'll have to present your best self throughout, be diligent in your research of companies, consider how you present in a virtual interview environment and so on.

So, to all of you reading the news and thinking that your future career prospects are limited, don't sit back and accept it. Get yourselves out there. There are great companies (like us) looking for great people (like you!).

Why we value Interns & why they value working for us

We have had fantastic outcomes as a result of providing opportunities to interns and take great care to ensure our intern programmes are set up in an inclusive and structured way. One of our Senior Consultants worked with us as an intern for a year, prior to joining us immediately upon graduation.

Not only did our company benefit from the energy and new perspective brought to us but we were able to offer a career to someone that we knew, trusted and who knew and trusted us. We haven't looked back. 

We currently have an intern programme running in APAC and have employed interns in both Hong Kong and Singapore. Both are adding immediate value and are learning first-hand about business in an incredibly complex market.

“As a second-year student trying to figure out what I want to do in the future, I like talking to Investment Banking Analysts to learn more about their experiences and what they like/don't like about their job. I really like the work I do at Stanton House - there isn't really a dull moment. I love the culture; I ask for help when I'm not too sure about something and feel really supported. The favourite thing I'm doing is the cryptocurrency research for an insight paper I'm working on. I am really enjoying learning about this new area and I'm hoping to interview some people in the industry soon.” Celanie Peng, Student at the University of California

“There’s are lots of great things about working as an intern for Stanton House. First is the open working culture. I love how I am able to freely share my thoughts and opinions to my colleagues on certain work-related matters. This has helped to facilitate greater communication within the team as well as promote effective learning for me. Second is the flat hierarchy. I am given autonomy by my manager in the decision-making process. This has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the business through active participation. And finally, there’s plenty of goal setting. I am able to discuss my goals with my manager openly. This is important to me in terms of helping progress my career.” Joel Chan, Student at Singapore Management University

We look for individuals with exceptional people skills, who care passionately about the customer experience and who’s behaviours and ways of working align with our core values of Integrity, Energy and Ambition. A hard work ethos is also essential!

We bring our values into everything that we do, and these values paired with our inclusive culture, dedication to learning and collaborative environment make Stanton House a fantastic place to work.

We provide exceptional training, guidance, support and access to a prestigious network of industry experts - we see the importance of investing in our staff and you will be surrounded by colleagues that have been in your shoes. 

Intern at Stanton House

We have a current opportunity, for an intern based in the UK, to work in our People team.

You will support our internal HR and Talent Acquisition specialist to identify potential new talent for Stanton House as well as to support with introductory level HR work. 

Get in touch

If you’re on the hunt for an HR internship and you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Meg Appleby,, 0779 590 9781.

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