A leap of faith that really paid off

Posting date:10 Oct 2019

As many of you will know last month 11 of my colleagues jumped out of a plane in aid of our charity partner EducAid and well, you could say it really took off.

Not only did many of the team conquer their fear of heights while plunging 11,000 feet into thin air but EducAid hugely benefited in the process as we raised a total of more than £5,000.

While it was incredible to see the generosity of our family, friends and contacts across LinkedIn and beyond I wanted to spend some time acknowledging my personal network who exceeded any possible expectation and contributed a huge amount to that total – despite me not me actually making the plunge!

I had asked my network to support my fellow colleagues and it was overwhelming to see the sheer volume of responses I received from all of you, on behalf of my peers, just because you like what we do at Stanton House.

I have been a major part of our CSR committee from London for five years now and in half a decade I have never seen such generosity and also, such a heart-warming message that our partnership with EducAid resonates with so many you.

As a result of the skydive and your generosity, we have together been able to raise enough to home, educate and look after 20 children in Sierra Leone for a whole year.

Thank you.