We're hosting a live Cyber breach - do you want to join us?

Posting date:28 Aug 2019

Have you thought about what would happen if your organisation was hit with a data breach tomorrow? 

Come along to our escape-room style event which will see you take part in a live hacking scenario. 

From the initial breach you will have to work out if a hack has even taken place, where the attack has hit and who is affected - you'll also have to deal with a simulated press conference, concerned customers on social media and your stakeholders asking questions you might not have the answers to.

How would you react?

We are hosting an exclusive event for exec-level, non technical professionals to come and learn about the world of Cyber in our new and exciting gamified event: How will you respond to a Data Breach? 

At Stanton House we understand that Cyber Security can be overwhelming and it’s not something we all understand. This simulation offers you a real-life insight into a Cyber Breach as it happens and teaches you how to respond.

This event offers an insight into media training, £10,000 worth of consultancy and more importantly, the answers to take back to your board and an unrivalled opinion on a current hot topic.

Get in touch with Ryan Surry for more information and to secure your place.