Event; How will you respond to a Data Breach?

Posting date:17 Sep 2019

Today we were joined by executive-level professionals from a multitude of disciplines who wanted to learn a little more about their Cyber Security.

Jay Abbott and Kieron Maughan of Nellcote joined our Head of Cyber Security, Ryan Surry, to host our gamified event titled; How will you respond to a Data Breach?

Our audience of CFOs, COOs, Transformation Directors and the like were thrown into a live hacking simulation - faced with a possible data breach - and unsure of how to respond. 

From the initial breach, the guests had to work together in teams to work out if a hack had even taken place, where the attack has hit and who is affected. They also had to deal with a simulated press conference, concerned customers on social media and stakeholders asking questions, they might not have the answers to.

Cyber can be overwhelming and it’s not something easily understood by professionals outside of the industry. Today’s event offered our network a real-life insight into a Cyber Breach as it happened and taught the professionals taking part, how to respond.

Not only was the event insightful, thought-provoking and eye opening but it was interactive, fun and exciting and offered a truly unique but surreal experience, giving our executive guests the answers to take back into their own Board.

Head of Cyber Security, Ryan Surry said; “I’ve worked in this industry for many years, having intelligent conversations with many fellow Cyber professionals along the way. Today was the first time I was able to take that conversation to an audience of Board members who do not specialise in Cyber, in fact, focusing more on Finance, Change, HR and other industries. 

“It was truly mind-opening to see how professionals of different disciplines react in situations that we deal with every day and was equally rewarding to work with Jay and Kieron to help these leaders understand a very current issue that could impact their company tomorrow.”

We will be producing a white paper to capture the insight shared this morning – to receive a copy of this paper once published, please get in touch with Ryan here.