Supporting your workforce to become more resilient

Posting date:14 May 2020

The importance of resilience

Have you ever wondered how some people appear to bounce through life, seemingly without ever showing distress or anxiety regardless of the situation that they find themselves in? Are you one of those people but can't put your finger on why? Or would you like to help yourself and others to build greater resilience and change the way that you respond to challenging situations?

There can be no doubt that those who are more resilient in character will be better able to cope with pressures and move forward through adversity, perhaps even to flourish through it.  So, to learn what it means to be resilient and to discover some top resilience building tips to support your workforce, download our insight paper.

Coaching support for you 

There has never been a better time to equip your leaders with the skills and knowledge to share and build resilience in their teams.  Our Chief People Officer, Caroline Lansbury is offering a complimentary mini programme of two virtual resilience coaching workshops for Stanton House clients:

1. Coaching for resilience: 2-hour virtual workshop

2. Conducting coaching conversations: 2-hour virtual workshop

If you would like to book Caroline to deliver and facilitate either or both workshops (remotely), or to learn more please get in touch.

M: 07811344238

About Caroline

Caroline is the Chief People Officer at Stanton House and is part of the Operating Board. She has a professional coaching Diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching and is committed to continuous self-development as an Executive Coach and facilitator. She is passionate about supporting people to increase their Emotional Intelligence to guide their conscious choices in both their careers and within the context of the environments in which they operate.

Business Expertise

As an experienced Senior Manager of large teams, Caroline understands the challenges facing today’s leaders in the fast-paced, challenging and constantly evolving private sector and tailors her approach in response. She brings experience from a career spanning over 20 years in the recruitment sector, this underpins her commercially aware approach to Leadership development. Caroline has spent the past 7 years writing and facilitating Leadership Development programmes and provides significant coaching provision internally for Stanton House as well as for a select number of our customers’ Senior Leaders. Caroline is also accredited to facilitate the LeaderShape Global LEIPA 360 tool, a Leadership Emotional Intelligence performance accelerator.