Asia Pacific: Cyber Recruiting Trends 2021 Download

Asia Pacific: Cyber Security Recruiting Trends Download 2021
Posting date:22 Feb 2021
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We have all become accustomed to working in an uncertain landscape surrounded by political, economic, social and technological change, which creates both new challenges and opportunities.

But, when it comes to ensuring that critical data remains out of the wrong hands, the risks have never been greater or the stakes higher. Cyberattacks are on the rise and becoming ever more sophisticated, while security teams are under increasing pressure to remain operationally effective in the ‘new norm’ and demonstrate value for money.

As such, the imperative to maintain privacy and data loss prevention will mean more budget diverted to security measures and this will only increase the demand for Cyber Security expertise, across the globe. So, what roles, expertise and skills do employers need and want from cyber security professionals this year?

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  • How remote working has created a borderless, global talent pool
  • Why APAC is an ideal environment for cyber criminals
  • What expertise and skills employers need from cyber security professionals 
  • The top 5 cyber security jobs, in demand, for 2021 

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