Asia Pacific: Technology Recruiting Trends 2021 Download

Asia Pacific: Technology Recruiting Trends 2021 Download
Posting date:25 Feb 2021

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2020 may be behind us, but the impact of Covid-19 has left many countries now facing huge economic challenges and long roads to recovery. Organisations across Hong Kong and Singapore have reacted to the pandemic and its ensuing challenges, with unprecedented speed. The pandemic has forced innovation, new ways of working and triggered digital transformations that would have previously taken years to implement.

Digital transformation initiatives are now so widespread across all industries that the tech talent market is growing and fast becoming more competitive. There is an increasing need, not just for digital skills, but for senior professionals, who can facilitate transformative change alongside the complexities of remote project delivery.

So, what roles, expertise and skills do employers need and want from technology professionals this year?

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  • Why Asia Pacific is set to bounce back to economic health more quickly
  • How the pandemic has led to increased digital transformation
  • Why technology start ups are becoming more attractive to local candidates
  • What expertise and skills employers need from technology professionals
  • The top 10 tech jobs, in demand, for 2021