Are you ready for Robotic Process Automation?

Are you ready for Robotic Process Automation?
Posting date:25 Apr 2019

As c-suite’s demand more and more of their finance function, professionals are looking to Finance Transformation for all the answers but despite there being an ongoing conversation about the performance benefits it can bring, how often do we discuss Robotic Process Automation as an option?

Over the years, RPA has come into the forefront of our finance agendas. It provides a way to optimise manual and repetitive processes and allows us to enhance a finance functions' capability.

But, despite RPA getting onto the agenda of every finance professional out there - it seems there are also obstacles at play, preventing many from going ahead with implementation.

We have created an insight paper that explores the different levels of RPA, where it can add most value and how to avoid failure. We discuss the importance of quality of data, the options for delivery and how to build a case for change to get buy-in from the board.

We recently hosted an executive breakfast event with our network of Finance & Transformation leaders who joined us from across the UK to hear from our esteemed panel of RPA specialists led by Colin Mason and Phil Sage. The panel have an impressive six decades of experience in implementing automation between them and used their own career history to document successes of RPA and offer advise on how best to avoid failure.

This paper will explore the discussions had on the day and include insight from both our speakers and our audience - to receive a copy please get in touch and in the meantime, join the conversation - are you ready for Robotic Process Automation?

                        Download a copy of our white paper focused on RPA