Strategies to retain top talent in your Finance team

Retaining talented professionals in the finance industry can be a challenging task, especially after they have achieved chartered qualifications. Research shows that many finance professionals tend to

Senior Finance Recruiting Trends 2023

In our last market update, we discussed how exciting it was to be leading and working in the Finance world. At that time, we’d emerged from Covid, massive supply chain disruption and Brexit and we wer

Stanton House recognised as a Global Top 100 Inspiring Workplace

We are proud to announce that we've made the Global Top 100 Inspiring Workplaces list in 2023!Not only did we make the Top 50 list in North America this year, but have officially made it onto the firs

5 Biggest Challenges Faced by CFOs

How to solve the five biggest challenges faced by CFOs   The role of a modern CFO involves facing several significant challenges that are influenced by external factors and require immediate solutions

I'm 90 days into my new role and I'm failing

Starting a new role can be both exciting and challenging. As the initial excitement wears off, it's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and doubt your abilities. In the first 90 days, it's unrealistic to

The Impact of Sunny Weather on Work Productivity

The UK's recent spell of beautiful sunshine has sparked curiosity about how this delightful weather affects our working lives. Research suggests that there is a significant correlation between

11 Essential Questions to Ask Your Manager for Career Growth

Are you looking to enhance your performance at work and advance your career? One effective way to achieve this is by engaging in open and productive conversations with your manager and taking

Counter Offers: Revealing Statistics and Their Short-Term Fix

In today's competitive job market, counteroffers have become a common phenomenon. Employers often see them as an attempt to retain valuable talent. However, accepting a counteroffer may not al

How Good Are You at Networking... Really?

In today's challenging job market, especially at the senior level of change and transformation, standing out and making connections has become more crucial than ever. Networking is the key to ge

the road to cfo

Women in Finance: The Road to CFO

Download your copy  Earlier this year, Stanton House organised an in-person event dedicated to Women in Finance. We were thrilled to witness the renewed enthusiasm for networking foll

Stanton House: Platinum Service Provider

We are thrilled to announce that Stanton House, a leading provider of interim management solutions, has recently been awarded platinum membership status by the Institute of Interim Management (I


Stanton House Private Equity Series: Bruce Martin, CEO, Tax Systems

Listen to the full episode on Spotify or read the Q&A transcript here: Listen to podcast   Read transcript Join us for our third episode in the Stanton House Private