We've been recognised as an IIM Platinum Service Provider

We are delighted to announce that we have been voted as a Platinum Tier Service Provider in the 2024 Institute of Interim Management (IIM) Survey! We were recognised as being outstanding for our core

Diverse Hiring & Merit – what hiring ‘the best’ really means

Personal achievements are intrinsically linked to social background I moved from the Netherlands to England eight years ago, and I really didn’t expect there to be a huge culture shock. Fo

Leading with Empathy: Strategies for Cultivating Mental Well-being in the Workplace

As a HR advisor, I know the transformative impact that prioritising mental well-being can have on organisational culture, employee satisfaction, and overall performance. In the spirit of Mental

Measuring Customer Experience: What's behind the numbers?

Why are we obsessed with customer feedback?  When Neil and I formed Stanton House 14 years ago, it was driven by a passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We both recognised that our i

Transitioning to Interim: A Guide for Transformation Professionals

A ‘Professional Interim’ typically refers to a highly skilled and experienced individual hired on a contract basis to fulfil a specific role within an organisation. These professionals are often engag

2024 Institute of Interim Management Survey

We encourage our Interim network to participate in this year’s Institute of Interim Management (IIM) Survey, which provides comprehensive insight into the UK Executive Interim market. It's the most p

Fundraising in aid of St Catherine's Hospice

Stanton House will be supporting St Catherine's Hospice this year and raising funds in aid of this brilliant charity. Here's a little more about what they do and why this is a charity close to o

Neurodiversity Q&A

Neurodiversity Q&A with Esther Boffey & Enolla Consulting In this interview, Chantelle Dusette from Enolla Consulting (formally The Centre for Inclusive Leadership) talks with Esther Boffey, D

Human Inclusion Podcast: Neurodiversity at work

What my son's journey with autism has taught me about inclusion In this episode of The Human Inclusion Podcast, Paul Anderson-Walsh from Enolla Consulting (formally The Centre for Inclusive Le

Resilience and Evolution: 5 Trends in Senior Finance Recruitment

So far this year, the jobs market for Accountancy and Finance professionals has been one of continued evolution. Although we still operate amidst political and economic uncertainty the strong start to

In-Demand Senior Finance Roles: Necessary Skills for 2024

Qualified Finance professionals remain highly sought after across Commerce and Industry and Private Equity - with employers looking for that elusive combination of technical and soft skills.Be

Introducing our chosen charity: Care Trade

About Care Trade CareTrade has joined forces with Employment Autism to support autistic and neurodivergent people towards, into and to sustain employment. They also support employers in improving th