Matching organizations with exceptional specialist talent

Headquartered in Chicago, we help ambitious organizations across North America to innovate, transform and grow by matching them with exceptional permanent and contract specialist talent.   

In the US, our expert consultants only recruit within the highly specialized disciplines of Cybersecurity, Sales, Marketing & Customer Success, and Product & Engineering.

Our customers are happy and would recommend us

Irrespective of the ultimate outcome in supporting your job search, or filling your vacancy, we are committed to ensuring that we deliver significant value, and that we create an exceptional customer experience.

‘Exceptional’ is a high bar, and we don’t always reach it. But we do measure it and we strive to learn and improve as we listen to our customers. 

‘Customers’ for us are ‘candidates’ as well as ‘clients’. We treat all customers with courtesy and respect and we do what we say we are going to do. We challenge the common flaw in the Recruitment experience of candidates being treated as a commodity.

Although we’re hugely proud of the level of Customer Satisfaction and our world-class** Net Promotor Score, we will continue to refine our approach based on your feedback. 

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Where to find us 

From our offices in London, Reading and Chicago, we help organisations across Europe and the US find exceptional specialist talent from across the globe. 

Our joined-up international teams work together to understand the issues and opportunities you face in the ever-changing world of work. With their deep technical and local market expertise, our consultants offer expert hiring and career advice within niche professional specialisms.