Creating Exceptional Experiences

Nick Eaves  - Chief Customer OfficerHenry Yeomans - Executive Vice President    

A focus on Customer Experience

As we continue our efforts to deliver consistent excellence, I am always eager to hear your own personal experience of working with Stanton House – negative or positive. I look forward to hearing from you. 

  Henry Yeomans - Executive Vice President

When we set Stanton House up in 2010, we had a very clear intent to differentiate the business through the quality of the customer experience we deliver.  We feel the same way today that we did on day one, that the recruitment industry would benefit from a clearer customer focus and through prioritising longer-term relationships.

At Stanton House we hire people who believe in what we believe in – people with aligned values who all agree that you build trust through doing what you say you are going to do, and through treating people with courtesy and respect – both customers and colleagues. 

Our business has achieved success through the power of the relationships we build, and we have benefited from the customer feedback and guidance we receive every day.  We diligently measure Customer Satisfaction and our Net Promoter Score, and we adapt our model continuously based on this feedback. 

We realised early on that good intentions are not enough to maintain such high standards as the business expands. As a result, we have incorporated the following learning into our operating model, to ensure that we never trade off the customer experience as we grow:


Only recruit into Stanton House people who are aligned to our values of Integrity, Energy & Ambition.


Maintain consistently high standards through rigorous documentation of the best practice required to deliver an exceptional end to end Customer Experience. 


The ability of our people to follow a best practice process is critical to delivering an exceptional Customer Experience.


Remember never to underestimate what a big deal it is for people to change jobs – permanent or interim. 


We must execute our part in the recruitment process with integrity and diligence at all times. Always remember that the job is much, much more about listening than talking.

Creating Exceptional Experiences

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