Internal Talent

“Maddison was an invaluable partner last year. We partnered on some tough searches -- her industry expertise, problem solving skills, and tenacity led us to hire some excellent people. I'd love to work with Maddison again and would recommend her to anyone looking to work with a cybersecurity recruiter as either a hiring manager or job seeker."

Technical Recruiter, Hinge

“Samantha was a wonderful partner to our recruiting team. I looked forward to each interaction, and the candidates we received through Sam and Stanton House were the cream of the crop! Can't recommend her enough, and can't wait to partner with her again for our Security hiring needs!”

Senior Talent Partner, Frame.io

“It was a wonderful experience working with James and the team at Stanton House. Stanton House is very knowledgeable in the security market. Their detailed insights coupled with their customer-first mentality has made them a trusted partner of Lenovo’s. We look forward to a long lasting partnership."

Senior Talent Aquisition Partner, Lenovo

“James Warren and Samantha Buckenmaier represent a best in class recruiting firm that has benefitted Datto in many ways. Not only did they help us with three extremely hard to fill roles, they brought a sense of humor and diligent professionalism along with it. If you are a hiring manager with niche needs I would highly recommend engaging them."

Staff Technical Recruiter, Datto

“James is truly the epitome of AMAZING customer service and ensuring that he not only helps staff the best candidates for open reqs, but builds relationships with his clients.  We have always been treated with grace, humanity and is always so flexible and friendly to our staff. We truly feel valued working with James."

Chief People Officer, GetInsured

“James and the team worked incredibly well, resulting in multiple, successful hires, including a Director, Analyst and Engineer. From the intake/kick off through screening/interviewing and the offer process, James and the Stanton team was spot on in terms of understanding our needs, communication, thoroughness, pace and quality."

AVP, Talent Aquisition, Ascena Retail

“Maddison is awesome to work with. She really gets the info you need and really collaborates with the internal folks to not only get running, but to also get us over the finish line."

Senior Technical Talent Aquisition Partner, Hinge

“I have had the opportunity to work with Samantha on a few hard to fill Product Security roles. Samantha found great candidates and she is a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Samantha and Stanton House!"

Senior Recruiter, SailPoint

“James and the team provided an exceptional cybersecurity recruiting experience, providing great candidates and managing the process effectively. I would recommend him to anybody looking to recruit in cybersecurity."

Technology Recruitment PMO, United Airlines

Hiring Manager

“Samantha is "hands down" the best Information Security recruiter I have had the pleasure of working with. I don't know what type of screening process she uses, but her results are exceptional. One thing about Samantha is she does her homework. She learns the interviewer likes and dislikes while at the same time understanding that most hiring managers, especially in Information Security, do not have much time to be able to spend with a recruiter. Samantha and Stanton House only specialize in Cybersecurity recruitment and it shows by the candidates they bring to the table." 

CISO, Heartflow

“James is among the best recruiters I have worked with in the security industry. He is keenly tuned into industry trends, highly reliable, and does the hard work to accurately represent a role's value proposition for both candidates and hiring managers. I have consistently seen him go above and beyond others in this field, and the result is an optimized candidate pipeline where everyone knows what they're getting. James is also very forthright with feedback when troubleshooting difficult searches, and always positions himself as a trustworthy partner to get things done. His contributions have been invaluable.”

Director, Global Secruity Fusion Center, Allstate

“James is a standout cybersecurity recruiter. After working with him on a large number of roles, he delivered significantly better candidates with better fit to our organization than any other recruiter we were working with at the time. Excellent at understanding the client markets and helping establish the best kind of candidates for our needs. I cannot overstate how significant his contribution in hiring was to our efforts to build a world class security team. Do not hesitate to work with James. He is a direct, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable resource and it was a pleasure working with him.”

Manager of Cloud Secruity, DataRobot

“Maddison took a major part in our team build up in the US. Her skills, knowledge and capabilities were tremendously valuable and resulted with us hiring an amazing team and great feedback from all candidates! Her abilities to build a great relationship with each candidate, bridge knowledge gaps, and be available throughout the entire process, were recognized and appreciated by everyone during the entire recruitment process."

Enterprise Security Manager, Sygnia

“James is a top expert in recruiting people in cybersecurity. James’ ability to quickly understand our needs and nuances, define the right candidate profile and get started on recruiting best candidates, were a key success in our efforts. James' availability and accessibility were super great, both for the candidates and for us. I’ve worked with many recruiters and headhunters in the past, James is on my top of the list of experts in the field.”

Enterprise Security Manager, Sygnia

“Having worked with James in the process of getting my current role, I can say that it has been one of the more enjoyable experience working recruiters during my career. He showed himself to be trusting and trustworthy, while also being knowledgeable in the area of cybersecurity, including to some technical depth. With James I felt I had an advocate looking out for my best interests, while he was also trying to find the best fit for the role in question.”

Senior Manager, Threat and Response, Cvent

“Sam did an outstanding job of bringing us a number of candidates that were both qualified and solid fits for our organization. When we made minor changes to the position, Sam was quick to update her process and quickly produce new candidates. I look forward to working with Sam to fill additional positions in the future."

Head of Application Secruity, Sectigo

“James at Stanton House has been an invaluable resource in helping me find security talent. He combines a deep understanding of the security landscape and market and how to sell our proposition to secure Grade A talent, and has formed a true partnership with our talent team a trusted adviser."

CISO, East West Bank

“Not all recruiting executives are cut from the same cloth. James's expertise in information security recruitment was beyond what I have experienced in past interactions within my career. To further that notion, his prompt and professional communication was nothing short of top notch."

Director of Product Secuirty, DataRobot

“Stanton House quickly helped us to fill some specialist security roles that had been open for a long time. They know how much these people cost, where to find them, and how to close them, even helping create job descriptions along the way. They far and away exceeded other specialist recruiters in this space and will be my go-to firm from now on."

CISO, Allegiant Airlines

“James sets the bar for excellence in acquiring talent in the extremely competitive cybersecurity market. His insights help companies find candidates that provide immediate impact, while aligning people in situations to unleash their full potential. James is a great advisor and strategic partner. I welcome opportunities to collaborate with him."

CISO, Hologic

“I've had the pleasure of working with Alek during some recent resourcing needs. Alek was very responsive, brought the highest level of candidates, and made sure that my team and I, as well as the candidates, were treated as though we were the only group he was working with. He was proactive, thoughtful, and considerate."

Senior Manager, Threat and Response, Cvent


“Maddison is not the "typical" cybersecurity recruiter. She raises the bar for how I now perceive what a recruiter is or should be. For example, Maddison did not hide any pertinent information about the company, the role, or the salary range. She did not disappear once I started interviewing with the company, nor when I started at the company. Maddison is the primary reason I have progressed in my career, and I am thankful.”

Enterprise Security Consultant, Sygnia

“Sam was an absolute pleasure to work with finding my next role. Sam exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond what I could have expected. I was always kept completely aware of where I was in the process and what to expect in my coming interviews. She ensured I was prepared for each step and followed up regularly. If you are looking for your next opportunity or are hiring cybersecurity talent reach out to Sam. You'll be glad you did.”

Manager of Security Operations, NYDIG

“I cannot say enough great things about Alek. He provided me actionable feedback and his communication through the process was unmatched. He was thorough, very knowledgeable, kind, and, most importantly, genuine throughout my time with him. I’m grateful to have crossed career paths with such an amazing resource and person.”

Director of Security Engineering, Ascena

“James was a true professional throughout the entire recruitment process and afterwards as well. What truly stood out to me is he went above and beyond in terms of timely contact, preparation, and post hiring outreach. At every step I felt well informed of what was expected of me, had a realistic view for the job's responsibilities and truly felt I was selected because I was a good fit. Overall, I'd highly recommend working with James to find your next position or a great candidate!"

Application Security Engineer, ErisX

“Stanton House contacted me to apply for a position. Although I was not looking at that point, the position looked interesting and I responded. At that point Samantha started working with me on the process to apply and land this position. She conducted a mock interview and helped me refine my interview skills. She guided me through the 6+ interviews which lead to the job offer and my acceptance. I have worked with other recruiters and and other recruiting houses and have yet to find one as professional and helpful as Samantha and Stanton House."

Cloud Security Architect, DataRobot

“I had the pleasure of working with James recently in my search for finding the next step in my career. I've encountered countless recruiters and headhunters in the past, but none of them come close to comparing to James' expertise. Every step of the way, James was on top of the application and hiring process. He was always available to answer questions, sometimes even at unreasonable hours. I would recommend James to anyone looking for an outstanding recruiter to help take the next step in their career. His expertise is the standard by which recruiters should be judged!"

Detection & Response Engineer, Ascena

“I've had my share of working with recruiters but none have been as thorough, detailed, and responsive as Maddison. There was never a doubt in my mind that Maddison was devoted to finding both myself and the client a proper fit. I always felt prepared and knowledgeable when undergoing interviews and I have no question that her clients felt the same. Maddison surely provides exemplary service and I would be honored to get the chance to work with her again."

Senior Security Consultant, ShiftState Security

“Samantha is top-notch. She went above and beyond to help me throughout the whole process of joining a new team, and made sure every one of my questions and concerns were handled. She also made sure I was prepared for each step of the interview process, so I wasn't walking blind into any part of it. I would highly recommend her for any other developers or information security professionals looking for a new role!"

Application Security Engineer, Sectigo

“Having worked with James in the process of getting my current role, I can say that it has been one of the more enjoyable experience working recruiters during my career. He showed himself to be trustworthy, while also being knowledgeable. With James I felt I had an advocate looking out for my best interests, while he was also trying to find the best fit for the role in question. I would definitely recommend James, and would gladly work with him again."

Director of Security Operations, Cvent

“James went above and beyond to ensure that my role fit my specialties, goals, and needs, as well as my employers’ goals for the role. He did an excellent job at providing support throughout the interview process, checking in with myself and my employer at every point. I’m very happy with my current role and James played a huge part in making this happen. Grateful for his support, expertise, and professionalism."

Christine Torres, PRO Unlimited

“Samantha was absolutely amazing in referring me to a new position. Her drive and dedication to providing the best possible service is second to none. Samantha was extremely open and well communicative throughout the entire process and took care to ensure absolute satisfaction for the entire process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs her services in any capacity. Thanks again Sam."

Detection & Response Engineer, Frame.io

“Maddison is great to work with and made my job search painless. She always laid out clear expectations for what was coming next. Even though my interviews took place during the heart of the holiday season, she was still quick to respond any time I had a question. I 100% would work with her again."

Security Risk Architect, NYP

“Working with Christina the last few months has been a blessing. She made everything feel smooth and simple from assisting with my resume, setting up the interviews, and finalizing everything I was looking for in a job role. I can’t thank her enough for helping me land a fantastic cybersecurity position with a great company. Christina has an elegant true human touch and makes you feel comfortable. I am extremely happy to work with her and Stanton House."

Senior cybersecurity Consultant, BT

“James was an all-round professional by 1) helping identify a good fit, 2) continuing to support the interview process and 3) ensuring that onboarding was keeping pace after acceptance. He was very communicative throughout the process, reachable by email and text and even kept in touch while he traveled abroad. I would highly recommend James for any of your staffing needs - he will find the right fit for your organization!"

Director of IAM, East West Bank

“I enjoyed working with Maddison while searching for my next job opportunity. She took the time to get to know me and my job skills, shared current roles that matched my job needs and coordinated interview process for those jobs. On top of that, Maddison and the Stanton House team continued to bring me new opportunities during my search. And I'm happy to report in the end we found the right role at the right company."

Application Security Engineer, Hyland

“James was amazing throughout the recruiting process.He listened to any concern that I had and made sure everything was clearly communicated. I would definitely recommend James and his organization for any one's recruiting needs.This was my first experience joining an organization through a recruiter, and it was definitely one of the best ones."

Security Engineer, Tokio Marine Highland

“When Christina first reached out to me, little did I know that it would be life changing. The first thing that stood out to me was the transparency and constants communication. I was also provided with insight as to how to best prepare myself for each interview. Needless to say, I landed my dream job, but nothing would have been possible had it not been for the devotion and pure professionalism of Staton House."

Senior Cloud Security Engineer, CyberOne

“Samantha is the best recruiter I have ever worked with! Samantha goes above and beyond to place people in roles where they will thrive. Samantha is extremely supportive throughout the entire process from interview, to offer, and beyond. Thanks to Samantha I now have a role that is not just a job but a stepping stone upward towards a successful career!"

Application Security Engineer, Heartflow

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