Stanton House Bake-Off Raises £230 For EducAid

Stanton House Bake-Off Raises £230 For EducAid
Posting date:26 Jul 2016

As part of our continued support for educational network EducAid, the month of July has seen our London office compete in a hotly contested Bake-Off. 

Every Monday of the month has seen a selection of bakers bringing in their creations for the rest of the office to judge upon, according to aesthetics, texture and most importantly taste. We saw (and tasted) some brilliant entries over the month but in the end there could only be one winner, here are the top four, congratulations bakers:

  1. Emily Beebe – Lemon & Cardamom Meringue Cake (photo above)
  2. Tracy Wiggins – Cinabons
  3. Chloe England – Brownies
  4. Ron Goodisman – Key Lime Pie