Change Management & Delivery

Investments into change and transformation are a regular feature in many organisations and some, particularly those involving technology, can be significant, with the impact of cost/time overruns often being material, with broader impacts across the enterprise. Getting change delivered effectively is therefore a core success factor for almost all organisations.

Change management and delivery is a core strength for us – we have helped clients ranging from SME start ups through to global organisations deliver on some of their most strategic delivery challenges. We are experts across the entire change lifecycle, from business case and readiness assessment, through to complex portfolio, programme and project delivery and not forgetting the ultimate benefits realisation and tracking, which some organisations still seem to neglect.

Our consultants are highly experienced and have the essential ‘grey hairs’ to sit alongside your leadership teams to help them successfully deliver your most challenging programmes, whatever the scope and scale.

Readiness assessment & business case preparation

Getting your organisation ready to successfully deliver change is a foundational base upon which the effective delivery and realisation of benefits rests. We can help you to maximise your outcomes through:

  • conducting a thorough readiness assessment across the organisation, including a cultural assessment, review of change capabilities and identification of key barriers to success
  • engaging all key stakeholders to ensure that the case for change is as rounded as possible, has all of the relevant input and that all are appropriately invested in the outcomes
  • producing a detailed and validated business case including risk-based ROI modelling with clearly identified benefits realisation strategies

Portfolio, programme & project delivery

The delivery of change is an everyday reality for virtually all of us. The increasing pace at which organisations need to respond to technological, market, social and economic challenges means that change absolutely has to be done well and really last. We can bring a range of skills and capabilities to bear to help you deliver the most complex and challenging portfolios of change:

  • implementing delivery structures that are fit for purpose for your organisation, balancing the need for effective governance with the ability to efficiently move at pace
  • helping you to develop and mature Programme and Project Management (PPM) capabilities and tooling
  • designing and putting in place effective governance and reporting models and processes which align to your corporate governance and are effective in terms of their interventions and outcomes
  • providing highly experienced delivery and change leads for projects and programmes of all sizes, bringing huge experience to bear quickly and effectively

Benefits realisation & optimisation

Delivering the change in itself is a major achievement – however the reality is that not all organisations follow through on the details of the benefits realisation set out in the initial business case. We can help you maximise your benefits realisation through:

  • developing a consistent framework across the organisation for identifying, measuring and tracking all elements of the planned business case benefits
  • helping you to develop a clear policy around benefits realisation ownership and supporting that with linkages through to key performance indicators to incentivise ownership and accountability at all levels
  • implementing a transparent tracking and reporting system to ensure that there is clarity around the actual outcomes and insight to enable the correct interventions if the realisation of benefits is off track

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