Our Vision

When we set Stanton House up in 2010, we had a very clear intent to differentiate the business through the quality of the customer experience we deliver. We feel the same way today that we did on day one, that the recruitment industry would benefit from a clearer customer focus.

Our Vision is to; Achieve outstanding performance through delivering exceptional customer experiences, as we believe that our success and the customer experience go hand in hand. We simply cannot achieve our goals without consistently delivering an exceptional experience, at every touch point.

In this way, we stand apart from the competition, as we set out to add value to our customers in the broadest sense - to generate trust and build loyalty. 

Our Values

Our values best illustrate the DNA of our organisation. Ambition, Integrity and Energy are the principles we stand for and guide our people in the actions and decisions they make every day.  

Our ambitious growth plans and high-performance expectations will never be achieved at the expense of the customer experience or compromise our values. 


We pull together to win.
We take ownership.
We go above and beyond.
We operate outside the comfort zone.
We move forward optimistically.


We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
We treat everyone with respect and consideration.
We earn others’ long-term trust.
We create and nurture an environment where everyone is valued.


We love what we do, and it shows.
We bring our best self to everything.
We exceed the expectations of our customers.
We demonstrate a consistent Growth Mindset.

Our commitment to our customers

Customers for Stanton House means ‘candidates’ as well as ‘clients’, which is a distinctive feature of our offering and is very different from standard recruitment practice that prioritises client over candidate experience.   

We nurture long-term relationships with our customers, client or candidate, and treat all with courtesy and respect. This means providing a brilliant service, adding value, showing that we care and becoming professionally memorable. 

A focus on customer feedback

We are obsessed with obtaining customer feedback and measuring our performance (quantitative and qualitative).  We believe that collecting this feedback at crucial touchpoints of the customer journey is vital for us to learn, improve and build trusting long-term relationships. 

As we continue our efforts to deliver consistent excellence, I am always keen to hear your own personal experience of working with Stanton House. Our commitment to listening to you, our Customers, and shaping our business improvement efforts from your feedback, led to my change of role back in 2016. I am entirely preoccupied with the customer experience we deliver.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

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