Operating Model & Efficiency

With significant changes in consumer behaviour, distribution channels, economic and social conditions, many organisations find that they need to transform how they operate in order to remain competitive and optimise profitability. An effective operating model should drive a clear linkage between your business strategy and your operational activities in the business.

Our approach to improving efficiency starts with getting the right linkage between your strategy and the design of the organisation. Through assessing and optimising the operating model we can drive significant benefits across the organisation and position your organisation for future success.

Further benefits can be driven from the use of technology to automate processes, drive greater data and insight and deliver rapid returns on investments in such areas as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). ​

Operating analysis & assessment

Organisations tend to grow more complex over time and as a consequence see increased costs and complex leadership structures, with associated impacts on agility and decision making. We can help you to identify key elements that require attention in order to support your future strategy, by:

  • assessing current operating processes to identify priority areas for improvement
  • carrying out a cultural assessment, leveraging leading edge technology, to identify the key areas of cultural development to support your strategy
  • reviewing your organisational structure to determine what is currently working well and what areas need improvement
  • agreeing a set of design principles which will guide the process of designing the Target Operating Model

Target Operating Model & Transition

Designing and successfully transitioning to a new Target Operating Model can bring significant strategic benefits, including reduced operating costs, simpler and clearer decision making, improved accountability and a leaner organisational structure. We can help you to deliver transformational operating model changes by:

  • working with you to define a new Target Operating Model guided by your overall business strategy and the challenges and pain points of the current operating model
  • define the new organisational structure which most effectively underpins the new model, including job descriptions and reward structures
  • creating a detailed roadmap and implementation plan for the transition to the new model, including a well structured communications strategy and plan
  • supporting your organisation to make the transition, with robust project management, effective governance and rapid decision making

Process efficiency & automation

The opportunities for automation are significant within many organisations, driving benefits such as decreased operating costs, greater accuracy, improved customer service and greater productivity, amongst others. Our team can work with you to realise these through:

  • carrying out an assessment of current operational processes to identify key inefficiencies and bottlenecks and produce a prioritised list of areas to address
  • improving processes through the elimination of waste, improved use of data and technology and process redesign
  • identifying the most suitable technology to provide the automation capabilities needed in your organisation and managing the implementation of this
  • leaving behind a culture of continuous improvement across the orgnaisation

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