Digital Transformation

The global COVID pandemic, subsequent economic impacts, and resulting change agendas are only some of the drivers for organisations to transform their operations in order to remain competitive and achieve their strategic goals.

In many cases this leads to a need to embrace digital transformation, which entails embedding and leveraging technology across the organisation in order to drive strategic change and measurable business benefits.

We work with clients to evaluate how well they have incorporated digital capabilities into their operating models, and how effective the organisation is at engaging customers and executing digital initiatives to drive long term business model sustainability and profitability. ​

Identifying and successfully executing the fundamental changes needed for the future will help you retain clients/drive sales, reduce costs, and achieve a sustainable digital transformation.

​ Digital maturity assessment & benchmarking

​ Our Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) will enable you to assess your overall digital maturity and establish a recommended path towards your desired target state:

  • evaluate your current maturity level and how well you have incorporated digital capabilities and strategies into your operating model​
  • assess the current culture within your organisation as it pertains to the digital end goals that you are trying to achieve and identification of the changes needed to underpin a digital transformation​
  • identify any gaps in capability that are needed to deliver the target state of digital operations and maturity​
  • provide a structured foundation for you to take future investment decisions and prioritise these against your strategic drivers​

Digital roadmap creation & delivery

Digital roadmaps are not just about technology, but should, if they are to be fully effective, encompass culture, technology, target operating model and people. Our approach will enable you to:

  • identify the overall roadmap to help you achieve the digital transformation that you are looking to achieve ​
  • structure the roadmap into an aligned set of prioritised initiatives, with a clear articulation of the investment needed to implement these and a plan to deliver results quickly​
  • align all stakeholders to the roadmap, ensuring that all key dependencies are identified and fully supported to maximise the outcomes ​
  • manage the overall execution of the digital change portfolio, ensuring that there is clear benefits realisation across the transformation​

Transformation through agile delivery​

Digital transformation is, in most cases, supported by a need to transition to more agile ways of working. Embracing this can be challenging for organisations accustomed to traditional hierarchical structures and workflows. We can help you embed agile ways of working by:

  • helping you understand what agility really means, what systems and tools you can leverage to deliver this and, crucially, what cultural changes are needed in order to properly benefit from this move to agility
  • bringing real world knowledge and skills gained from having done this many times along with a highly experienced team to supplement your internal capabilities, transfer skills and act as a catalyst for the changes needed​
  • Implementing a transparent and clear set of KPIs to enable your organisation to understand and continually optimise your delivery and operations, supported by a clear and unambiguous data set providing robust insight​

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