Ullswater Hike Raises Over £4,450 For EducAid

Ullswater Hike Raises Over £4,450 For EducAid
Posting date:22 Aug 2016

On the 20th August 2016 a Stanton House team braved treacherous conditions to tackle Ullswater in support of EducAid. Even in the middle of a British summer no-one expected torrential rain, heavy fog and winds of 50mph.

Stuart Levers Principal Consultant

"The weather was horrendous and some of the worst the instructor has seen for months. The winds were so strong, as we neared the summit the group had to hold onto each other to ensure we stayed on our feet.

Unfortunately the weather stopped us reaching the summit of Helvellyn as the narrow ridge line was too dangerous to cross but as a team we stuck together and the sense of achievement was far greater because of the conditions."

Stefanie Corlay Candidate Relationship Consultant

"We hiked for almost four hours under torrential rain and I discovered after three hours that nothing is waterproof! The whole team was soaked to the bones and climbing uphill was very challenging as the path was becoming more like a river. But it was completely worth it, as a team we always kept our spirits high and the most important thing was to raise money for such a fantastic cause."