Does choosing your clients carefully help you to retain talent?

Does choosing your clients carefully help you to retain talent?
Posting date:16 Jan 2019

Edinburgh is on its way to becoming an overpopulated marketplace with digital marketing agencies popping up daily, established firms fighting for a shrinking pool of talent and candidates seeking work in other cities for the chance to work with exciting new clients.  

I decided it was time to find out exactly what candidates look for in their ideal employer in the hope to relay the message back to my clients and help them attract; but most-importantly, retain talent.

According to the marketing professionals surveyed, salary isn’t everything. 73% said the most important factor when considering a future employer was the work life balance it offered followed by training opportunities, being involved in decision-making, access to leadership and the types of client they will work with.

More than a third of those surveyed said the type of client they work with was most important consideration and 64% said it was fairly important - Not one person said this was overlooked in their decision-making process.

When asked to categorise this ideal client, three-quarters of marketing professionals showed a preference for SMEs while one in five believe that corporate organisations are the best to work with - questioning if you should be choosing your clients carefully in a bid to keep hold of your workforce. 

To receive a copy of my insight paper which offers further insight into the mind of a marketing professional, please get in touch and join the conversation – should you be choosing your clients carefully to help you to retain talent?