My Stanton House Story: Audrey
Posting date:15 Oct 2020


To celebrate Stanton House’s ten-year anniversary we have profiled the unique journeys of some of our employees. Every one of their personal successes is an accomplishment for our whole business and we want to celebrate these. The My Stanton House Story blog series looks at what they’ve learned, why they love what they do and how they have progressed their careers. 


Applying my change management knowledge to the world of recruitment 

After graduating from my Masters in Organisational Change & Consulting in 2016 I was unsure about where I wanted to start working. I knew that I wanted to continue developing my knowledge in change management and business psychology and I wanted a job that was fast-paced and had a lot of interaction with people. 

I applied to roles in management consulting businesses, organisational development think tanks and engaged with a recruitment to recruitment business. After being introduced to several recruitment businesses, Stanton House’s vision and culture really stood out to me. I felt so connected to the business that it was the clear choice to start my career and I joined their Change & Transformation team as an Associate Consultant!

Learning the art and science of recruitment 

I embarked upon the six-month induction programme which offered very well-rounded training covering the entire recruitment process. Coaching, roleplays, observations, and general feedback have always been encouraged which has massively helped me with my personal and professional development. 

In the recruitment team there were lots of opportunities to rekindle old client relationships. This relied on being proactive to highlight these opportunities through effective use of our CRM and engaging with consultants across the business to understand the history of client relationships. There were also lots of opportunities to get involved in wider organisation design and development where I contributed to different project teams to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our operating model.

I worked my way up and was promoted to Principle Consultant in 2018 - having developed business from different industries including Financial Services, Media, and Pharmaceuticals. It was shortly after this, that I decided to seize on the opportunity to change tack completely and join our HR team as Talent Development Partner, focusing solely on Learning & Development (L&D). 

Changing course into Learning & Development (L&D)

Changing course in my career and moving from a role in recruitment into L&D has been the best decision I have made professionally. Being able to contribute to someone’s personal and professional development is incredibly rewarding. I have been able to provide employees at Stanton House with guidance, coaching, tools, and lots of feedback! Initially, I was a little nervous about making the move and how others might respond but I absolutely love how much everyone has supported me through. What’s more, to help with my transition into L&D, Stanton House sponsored my professional qualification with the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Professional Development) and later this year I will be certified with a management level qualification in HR. I am so thankful that I can apply the HR theory I have learnt and continue to develop a strategic approach to my role.

My next challenge 

During my time at Stanton House I feel that I have gained so much knowledge across Sales, Talent Acquisition, Coaching, L&D and Organisation Design & Development. I have also gained just as much, if not more, in developing my personal skills such as listening skills, my self-awareness, and discipline.

I definitely always have the ongoing question of where am I going? Is this where I should be? And these worries are ones that have led me into moments of ‘paralysis’ where I feel nervous about making any moves in my career. Learning how to manage my own worries through a lot of introspection and grasping new coping mechanisms has been the biggest enabler for me to acknowledge this challenge and not let it block me from delivering or seizing upon new opportunities. 

In fact, after two years in L&D I have just taken on the exciting challenge of designing and delivering a new Exceptional Performance Programme for our recruitment consultants. So far, I have loved just how much autonomy I have been given to create a coaching course that will develop the quality of their work across the sales process. I don’t have a manual of what is right and wrong, but I’ve been able to reflect on and use my past experiences as a recruitment consultant to deliver something really bespoke.  

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