Stanton House accredited 3-stars by Best Companies!

Posting date: 01 Sep 2022

Stanton House recognised for commitment to workplace excellence with world-class Best Companies accolade!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Stanton House has been recognised for our approach to workplace engagement with a highly coveted and sought-after industry standard.

We have been certified by Best Companies (formally Sunday Times Best Companies) and recognised for our commitment to our employees, with a 3-star accreditation rating, which represents ’world-class’ levels of employee engagement. This rating was awarded after our employees were asked to complete a comprehensive and completely confidential engagement survey with questions answered around our company vision and purpose, leadership, training, and culture. 

As a people and ‘experience-focused’ business, we believe that getting regular feedback from our employees is vital for us to learn, improve and create a better workplace. Here are just a few of the contributing survey stats and why we have been recognised by Best Companies: 

  • 98% of our people agree that they love working for Stanton House
  • 98% of our people agree that their manager cares about how satisfied they are in their job
  • 93% of our people have confidence in the leadership skills of our senior management team
  • 93% of our people agree that their manager helps them to fulfil their potential

“At Stanton House, we have an intense focus on developing customer relationships based on trust. For that to happen consistently our people have to wholeheartedly buy into that guiding principle. I am very proud to say that this is what we have managed to achieve. Our people are motivated by delivering an exceptional customer experience and so they are fulfilled by what they do and how they do it. In addition, they enjoy our working environment and are excited by the opportunities to develop their career. The level of commitment to achieving great things is inspirational. What is particularly pleasing is that our people not only pursue their own individual goals, but they all play their part in making their team as successful as possible. And to top it all they care enough about the company that they give their time and energy to help Stanton House improve.” Neil Wilson, CEO, Stanton House
“Our Values of Ambition, Integrity and Energy are the guiding principles that inform the decisions that we make every day in the service of our customers, colleagues, and wider business community. We have complete clarity about what great looks like and we work tirelessly to create a high performance, creative and empathetic environment where people flourish, are supported and love what they do. To receive this recognition is amazing but the world of work is changing at a phenomenal pace, and we strive to remain at the cutting edge of providing exceptional employee experiences, supporting everyone to be their brilliant unique selves – this can only be great for our customers too” Caroline Lansbury, CPO, Stanton House

Stanton House has created a high ‘feedback culture' where our people’s learning and development is prioritised. Additionally, everyone in the company benefits from being able to work in a highly flexible way. We offer flexibility around when and where our people work with a ‘work from anywhere’ policy and hybrid (remote / in the office) working options. We celebrate individual and team success across the business and have a lot of fun along the way!

If you want to be part of our success story or to find out more about working for a company with word-class levels of employee engagement, please don’t hesitate to contact