Is inspiration the key to boosting productivity in the workplace?

Posting date: 23 Mar 2023

Inspiration in the workplace can be a powerful tool to boost productivity and increase engagement among employees. Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. In the workplace, inspiration can come in many forms, such as a new idea, a challenging project, or a motivating leader. When employees are inspired, they are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive.

For those that don’t know me, I’m Maya, a Social Media and Content Marketing Executive at Stanton House and a huge part of my role revolves around being creative and drawing inspiration from all sorts of resources to drive our in-house content pipeline.

However, it’s all so easy to slip into a deep, self-indulged funk when you’re sitting in the same office day in and day out and slowly going through repetitive motions with little inspiration other than what flavour cereal bar you’ve got as your 11 am snack. Since the pandemic hit it’s the norm for most of us to be working from home at least a couple of times per week, but whilst we appreciate the time to do an extra load of laundry or cook a home-cooked meal at lunchtime, what we can start to lack is an inspiration. Without inspiration, we start to lack motivation, and you don’t need a fancy degree to tell you, that this is bad news.

But, before I tell you what helps me gain inspiration on a daily basis, and how you too can harness this for your own organisation let me remind you what the benefits are of maintaining inspiration in the workplace.

Increased motivation: Inspiration can help to increase employees' motivation levels. When employees are inspired, they are more likely to be excited about their work and to put in the extra effort required to achieve their goals. This increased motivation can lead to higher productivity levels and better results for the organisation.

Enhanced creativity: Inspiration can also lead to enhanced creativity. When employees are inspired, they are more likely to come up with new and innovative ideas that can help to improve processes and solve problems. This can lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

Improved morale: When employees are inspired, they are more likely to feel positive and optimistic about their work. This can lead to improved morale, which can have a ripple effect throughout the workplace. Employees who feel good about their work are more likely to be productive, engaged, and committed to the company.

Greater job satisfaction: It really is a ripple effect, employees who are inspired are more likely to find their work meaningful and fulfilling. This can lead to greater job satisfaction and lower turnover rates. When employees feel inspired, they are more likely to stay with the company and contribute to its long-term success.

Better communication: Inspiration can also lead to better communication in the workplace. When employees are inspired, they are more likely to share their ideas and collaborate with others. This can lead to greater teamwork and improved communication, which can lead to better outcomes for the company. 

So now we can all fully get on board with the benefits, how do we go about reclaiming our long-forgotten inspiration?! Well for me, it all started with the opportunity to take myself out of my regular workspace and work somewhere completely new to immerse myself in a new culture for a month in Cape Town, South Africa. However, inspiration in the workplace can come in many forms, such as a new idea, a challenging project, or a motivating leader, so if you can’t escape the UK borders anytime soon then keep reading.

Working from anywhere: Having the flexibility to work wherever you like really is the future of working. Not only do you get to live your best life in a home away from home or be newly inspired by a change of scene, but you also get to observe and take great learnings from new cultures and ways of working. As someone who could talk about different global working cultures for hours on end (I’m an international business grad, duh) perhaps the biggest thing I have taken away from my time working away has been all the different habits people from all over the world incorporate into their working lives which we could do with a bit more of in the UK, such as practising gratitude for simple daily tasks we take for granted.  

Encourage a positive work culture: A positive work culture can be a significant source of inspiration for employees. This can include celebrating successes, recognising achievements, and encouraging open communication. At Stanton House, we have an amazing working culture where we encourage employees to work whenever suits them, from wherever they like yet still allow employees to come into the office for that all-important face-to-face time. We believe in giving employees the freedom to set their working days up how they see fit, and we believe this is one of the many reasons our employees keep referencing how much they enjoy working for us.

Set challenging goals: Setting challenging goals can be an excellent way to inspire employees. When employees have a clear understanding of what they need to achieve, they are more likely to be motivated and inspired to reach those goals. For me personally, nothing gets me more motivated than working towards a set goal. If I can see the goal in the distance and I know which path I need to take to get there, then I am much more likely to be motivated to get there.

Provide opportunities for learning and growth: Employees who feel that they are growing and developing in their roles are more likely to be inspired. Providing opportunities for learning and growth can include training programs, mentoring, and coaching. Carve out time for your employees to do some training, either internal or external and if you’re a manager offer to coach or mentor your junior talent – this will benefit both parties and will make a huge difference in inspiring your team.

Foster a sense of purpose: Employees who feel that their work is meaningful and that they are making a difference are more likely to be inspired. Fostering a sense of purpose can include providing employees with a clear understanding of the company's mission and values. One thing which is really powerful to inspire employees is to bring them into decision-making processes. At the end of the day, if you’re trying to make a big cultural change that will affect your team, they need to know about it and be ready to offer suggestions, so they feel part of the process.

Lead by example: Leaders who are passionate and inspired can be a significant source of inspiration for employees. Leading by example can include setting high standards, demonstrating a positive attitude, and celebrating successes. If you’re asking your team to do something, but you’re actively not doing it yourself then ask yourself why anyone else would want to do that task…yeah… that’s right…do your own printing and embrace it.

Inspiration is most certainly a powerful tool for boosting productivity in the workplace. By inspiring employees, you can increase your team's motivation, enhance creativity, improve morale, increase job satisfaction, and improve communication. Companies that invest in inspiration are likely to see significant benefits in terms of productivity, engagement, and overall success.  However, inspiration can also just come from within, ensure that you are allowing your employees to not only thrive in the workplace, but outside of the workplace too. People who are inspired in all areas of their life will bring that energy into the office and this is the key to long-term sustainable inspiration.

After spending four years of my life learning and studying different ways of working all over the world, seeing these put into practice reminds me you can’t always get it right 100% of the time, but taking the time to learn and be open to new ideas on how to be your most efficient and inspired self at work is a lifelong learning process and one I am most certainly newly inspired to do.