Neurodiversity at work: Are you missing out on exceptional talent?

Posting date: 16 Mar 2023

We hosted our Neurodiversity at work webinar on Monday 13th March where our guest speaker, HR professional and neurodiversity champion, Melanie Francies, took us through: 

  • What is neurodiversity and what are the conditions which come under this umbrella
  • The strengths and challenges of those with neurodivergent conditions
  • The extent to which neurodiverse talent is an untapped talent pool
  • How can we adapt the recruitment process to be more accessible from talent attraction through to selection, onboarding and development
  • The importance of a 'neurodiversity lens' and key takeaways for hiring managers

You can watch the recording of the event by clicking on the video on the right and can view the slides that were presented by clicking on this link.

We hope our webinar plays a small part in raising awareness and enabling change when it comes to making the recruitment process more accessible to those with neurodivergent conditions.