Stanton House Private Equity Series: Jonathan Ridley-Holloway

Jarred Collis Principal Consultant, Private Equity. Jonathan Ridley-Holloway Head of M&A at Setforth. John O'Donnell Head of Private Equity Practice. Stanton House Private Equity Series Episode 2
Posting date: 14 Mar 2023

Listen to the full episode on Spotify here or read the Q&A Transcript here.

This week we sat down with Jonathan Ridley-Holloway, who is currently the Head of M&A at Setforth. Setforth is an acquisition company backed by Aquiline Capital Partners that enables founder-led software businesses to reach their next level of growth.

Here, Jonathan discusses his transition from being an Army Officer to an M&A Director in PE, how he has successfully executed on numerous transactions as well as sharing his thoughts on the Technology industry in 2023. 

We will be releasing additional episodes every month with other CFOs/FDs and M&A Professionals within the Private Equity market, so if you’d like to be involved with upcoming episodes please do reach out to Jarred.