Accountancy & Finance Salary Guide 2023 Download

Accountancy & Finance Salary Guide 2023
Posting date: 21 Nov 2022

Download your copy of our salary guide

For the first time, the Accountancy & Finance recruitment team at Stanton House has put together a salary guide, to help Accountancy and Finance leaders, talent partners and professionals understand the market value of specific skill sets. The salary tables in this guide are intended as a benchmarking tool to help hiring managers and talent teams offer the right level of compensation.  

Please download a copy of our insight paper below, which summarises the finance skills in highest demand and provides top tips for employers.   

Download your guide to discover:

  • Which is best - hybrid or full remote working?
  • The top Finance roles in demand
  • What expertise and skills employers need from Finance professionals
  • How the cost of living crisis is impacting workers and employers
  • Salary ranges for different Finance roles