What does the Tesla Insider Threats mean for everyone else?

What does the Tesla Insider Threats mean for everyone else?
Posting date:31 Jul 2018

Everyone is obviously fascinated by Elon Musk’s every move, with his most recent manoeuvre I think it should be more thought provoking and a warning to other businesses.

Is your own house in order? First port of call should always be too look internally surely? Maybe this is similar with GDPR in the fact that everyone is taking lots of care with their clients data and maybe the data closer to home is something which shouldn’t be neglected. This is featuring more prevalently at board level meetings as this doesn’t just effect the security function but all business division decision makers.

John McAfee says insider threats are responsible for 43% of data breaches and the Information Security Forum says its more like 54%. Raytheon released a survey saying it was a relatively low risk with only 36% saying they consider malicious insiders to be a high risk? Surely Michael Daly is right….

Whatever the answer one thing we do know is that the insider threat to corporate data is growing, which means the cost is growing and the need for proactive education, processes, hires and tech must increase right?!

  • Does the cost or proactive measures outweigh that of big incidents?
  • How are your internal behaviours being monitored?
  • What do you take as your first step to securing this?
  • Was Elon Musk right to send the email to all staff in that tone?
  • Will corporates continue to fire fight and be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to their data and intellectual property?
  • Snowden… hero or villain???