Using Data, for good

Posting date:25 Nov 2019

Data as we know has the capacity to change the world. Not just change the way we do things, see things or interpret things but make the unthinkable possible.

We have now reached a stage in our technical evolution where we have a comprehensive understanding of data and how it can impact our everyday lives but isn’t it time we started using it for good?

I don’t mean good as in creating conversions or good as in building Sophia 2.0 I mean good as in using data to create genuine change, for the better.

Clive Humby stated in 2006, ‘Data is the new oil’ and The Economist followed in his footsteps just two years ago when they wrote ‘The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data’. Data is ‘officially’ the most valuable resource in the world, surely we can find a more valuable place for it than business?

I recently attended the Big Data LDN conference and heard a really fascinating talk by a company called TIBCO. They were discussing how data and AI can help reduce homelessness, prevent hunting and even help us go green by monitoring rain-fall in certain parts of the world.

This really got me thinking about how I talk about data every day. We either talk from a business perspective about GDPR and regulations we have in place to protect our data or we speak to businesses hiring a new data team to monetise their vision. This was a completely fresh concept for me – using data for good and it’s made me really want to learn more about the social responsibility, of data.

I’d like to hear from you – do you use data for good or have you come across a company that has? I would love to hear about your experiences with ‘responsible data’ and how together, we could enhance the cause.