Strategy professionals - what are they interested in and how do you attract them?

Posting date: 05 Feb 2019

We are undergoing a cultural shift in the industry where the top tier of Strategy Talent, who once worked exclusively for corporate companies, are no longer motivated by salary and have little or no specification over the sector they go into.

Professionals are looking for roles where they have exposure to the board, can be involved in decision-making, make an impact and are able to achieve tangible outcomes; but most importantly, they are looking for a role where they can maintain a work life balance - one of the key reasons why they move out of consulting and into industry in the first place.

My network are desperate to work for an organisation that provides a purpose, a meaning and non-linear access to leadership allowing them to have their voice heard at a higher level but it seems organisations are still getting it wrong by having too many layers between their talent pool and leadership team and boasting a traditional view on the idea of flexible-working.

So how do you make simple changes to attract more strategy talent?

Focus on demonstrating the implications of their role on the wider company and show your prospective new co-workers what they will be adding to your company. On Job Descriptions and during interviews, explain reporting lines and highlight where they will have access to key decision makers within the business.

Furthermore, introduce initiatives like Reverse Mentoring which allows every group in your organisation to learn from one another, have access to different levels of seniority and make that all-important impact. 

Make working compatible with living by ensuring your team can thrive inside and outside of the office. Of course, during certain projects, being in the office is essential, but offering flexible working during quieter periods will be a massive pull factor for those looking to move into industry.

Join the conversation: What do you look for in an employer? Or as an employer, how do you attract Strategy professionals?

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