What does a digital culture look like and how do we achieve it?

What does a digital culture look like and how do we achieve it?
Posting date:23 Jul 2019

As Digital Transformation become commonplace and organisations pour their time, money and sponsorship into new technology, I can’t help but notice the lack of work going into changing mindset and as a result, can’t help but question the longevity of such initiatives.

Organisations of every size and across every industry are placing their sights firmly on technology and doing everything they can to implement it successfully but there seems to be a lack of focus or clarity on the importance of cultural transformation, that should come hand-in-hand with any type of change.

Digital and cultural change should be seen as one. Where digital transformation exists, organisations should be paying attention to shifting mindsets towards autonomous teams and constant improvements.

It’s a given that change management teams know how to embed and support transformation programmes but to truly awaken an understanding and a compliance within your teams, you need to facilitate an evolution of their own behaviour, mindset and attitude to constantly change, as your business evolves.

But, while a digital culture is vital. What does it look like?

Do you need top-down sponsorship with leadership instilling a new culture of adaptability or do they need to empower middle-management to feed that message down to the workforce.

A digital transformation is useless if it doesn’t revolve around the people. The question that remains, is how do you create a digital culture that allows your workforce to constantly evolve and what does it look like?

I’d like to hear your opinions on the ‘Digital Culture’ we need in many evolving businesses. What do you think a digital culture looks like?