What will the Cyber Security landscape look like in 2020?

Posting date:23 Dec 2019

The team recently attended the Future of Cyber Security Europe and were wowed by some of the incredible talks, demonstrations and conversations had on the day. Looking back through some of their material, I was particularly fascinated by the predictions laid out for the year ahead which included the likes of Fake News, Cyber Hygiene’s and Global Warming.

It was a talk by Richard Parlour that stood out for me, currently the Chairman of the EU Task Force on Cyber Security Policy for the Financial Sector he had some really interesting ideas of what the next year might have in store for the industry – and some were quite surprising. 

His Cyber Security Global Predictions for 2020 included;

1. Global Warming, Cyber Cold War Cooling
2. Internet’s move apart
3. Local social media shutdowns 
4. Fake News 2.0 
5. CNI, Cyber Attacks Grow
6. High-profile companies at greater risk
7. Lobbying to change GDPR
8. Cyber hygiene 
9. Battle over liability 
10. More local laws

Richard’s 2020 Technology Predictions also including targeted ransomware, multichannel phishing, mobile malware attacks – specifically on banks, cyber insurance on the up, more internet of things with an increase in risk, 5G skyrockets data volumes, speed trumps security for DevOps and we might just see a rethink of the Cloud.

I was really surprised to see the likes of #WagathaChristie (also known as Coleen Rooney) and Fake News discussed at the conference as predictions for 2020 as the two terms coined by the mainstream media aren’t often associated with Cyber Security but the link was fascinating. Essentially, what started as a slogan for the US presidency has now been seen in elections across the world including India and most recently, the UK and we can easily apply the same rule to a rise in phishing scams.

My predictions for 2020 aren’t too dissimilar to Richard’s, rather, I am less concerned with the social media shutdowns we have seen in Africa and parts of Asia and really focused on individual companies and their pain points – Cyber hygiene playing a massive role in this alongside an education around the Insider Threat

I am really keen to work with companies in 2020 to bring their Cyber Security up to date and this isn’t going to happen through a change to GDPR policy but rather, a compliance to current regulations – focusing on data quality, education and consultative advice to bring an awareness to professionals who sit outside of the sector. 

I think in 2020 we’ll be seeing more simulated breaches, gamified hacking scenarios and augmented reality demonstrations to show organisations what could happen if a breach was to occur. I think we will definitely see an increased awareness as a result of password clean ups and a resentment towards ‘Fake News’ but, I think we’ll see Technology and Cyber Security collide even more to bring the landscape to life. 

What do you think we'll see in 2020?